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NUINTESA has access to all the levels of rate-setting process avaiable assigned by the CMT. The services 80Y of Additional rate-setting process permit the obtaining of a high reversion for every received minute.
The Intelligent Network services 80Y, or lines of Additional rate-setting process, include three well differentiated types of numeration.

Code 803: it is an additional rate-setting process service to be used exclusively by adults. The call issuer must to be of age to have access to the contents of this service. NUINTESA has many IVR contents aimed to the users of this code. As well as a human management of these resources through its Center of calls attention located in Latin America. "Party Line and Hot Line" includes most of the services rendered through this code.

Code 806: Subject to this code are those additional rate-setting process services for leisure and entertainment, occupying an outstanding place the 806 services destined to the so-called "Esoteric and Tarot lines". Like with code 803, NUINTESA has additional services of explicit content for automatic attention and/or a Call Centre to this sort of code which improve the offer and benefits of it, giving global solutions where the only operative function of our customers is the service development to generate traffic.

Code 807: Professional services. In this code will be offered services related to business activities, either professionals or artistics, entailed with the obligatory nature of an school registration, or been in possession of a title accredited by the competent authorities.