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 Intelligent Network
NUINTESA has available numeration ranks to all the Services of Intelligent Network, assigned by the CMT. It allows us to provide to our costumers with a wide range of numerical ranks which are assignable depending on their selection. Also we manage for our clients the portability of their RI numeration to other operators, in case they wanted to keep it, therefore rendering to them the facilities and economic offer available in our ranks.
We provide our clients with Intelligent Network connectivity, straight over analogical lines (Basic Telephone Networks) or digital lines (ISDN), of any local or international operator. These services provide companies with reliability and professionalism which would not be obtained with a simple geographic line. In addition, the fact that it may have a single telephone number to announce make it easier for users its memorizing and assimilation, increasing the possibility of receiving more calls.
In order to be able to classify each Intelligent Network service in packages, NUINTESA has developed multiple solutions which may interact with each one of the different services available.