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 IVR Platform
Our IVR system (interactive vocal response) is a system of of vocal answer which permits to attend massive input of calls in an automatic way, that is, an interactive team that offers through telephone a certain service.
After choosing between a series of option, the different modules of the IVR system understand call issuers and they guide them in a tree of options until the obtaining of the offered service. The system can take them to the point in which they must enter concrete information by means of telephone keyboard, transfer the call to other people, or send an email.
The Customer Service capacity of the companies is increased since they do not need staff exclusively dedicated to this function, offering IVR 24 hours every day of the week. The automatic messages and guiding trees are designed by each company so they can personalize the way of serving their clients.
NUINTESA has the possibility of offering voice services via IVR associated to Intelligent Network numeration with or without additional rate-setting process, having available for the clients the newest Automatic Operator systems with voice recognition. These systems allow, the making of content locutions to any kind of service, the management of automated surveys, voice mailboxes, roulettes and quizzes, and so on. Also they allow the generation of data bases on-line through for future commercial actions aimed to an objective audience, making decision-taking more flexible and increasing the answer rate.
Among the advantages of IVR applications we emphasize:
  • The obtaining of instantaneous results.
  • The increase of answer rate in companies.
  • The reduction of repetitive and unnecessary input.
  • The possibility of asking multiple questions.
  • Reduction of the call-response.
  • Avoidance the loss of calls.
  • Extension of the potential public of the company. It permits to assess the acceptance of a product, service or idea according to the areas, segments, etc.
  • The allowance of programming alternative treatments for special occasions.
  • The rendering of companies with a more reliable and professional nature.